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CHASS for a cleaner air

Emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) is an important contributor to air pollution world-wide. Important sources of emission of NOx are power plants and combustion engines, where road transportation is an important representative. To reduce NOx emissions from vehicles, catalytic exhaust systems have been developed over the past decades. Diesel engines still represent the main point of reference for heavy transportation. This means that goals in air quality improvement and greenhouse gas emissions reduction cannot be attained without an improvement in diesel engine technology. 

The focus is on freight transport, one of the main polluting sectors, but also an important driving force of EU economy. Pollutant emission from diesel heavy-duty vehicles are not yet complying with current required standards, with important consequences on citizen’s health and social costs.

CHASS contribution in improving the lifecycle of catalysts could be useful for a whole range of stakeholders interested in tackling pollution through tackling energy efficiency of heavy-duty truck vehicles. Industrial stakeholders with potential interest in the targeted applications are heavy-duty truck manufacturers and catalysts producers, but also European and national decision-makers or private interest group dedicated to tackling pollution.

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