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Innovation, Research, Entrepreneurship

The general objective of CHASS is to educate 4 Early Stage Researchers (ESR) candidates in the context of a doctoral training network with strong, multi-faceted emphasis on world leading research, industrial innovation and entrepreneurship. The programme will additionally generate knowledge to enhance the performance of Cu-zeolite materials for the abatement of NOx by NH3-SCR.

Scientific/technical objectives:

Develop the understanding of the interaction of SOx species with Cu-Zeolites at different operating conditions at the atomic level.

Determine the influence of SOx on the NH3-SCR reaction.

Develop understanding of the processes leading to hydrothermal aging of Cu-zeolites at the atomic level.

Charachterize and identify the critical atomic structures responsible for hydrothermal aging.

Determine the influence of hydrothermal aging on the deactivation by SOx.

Develop the kinetic model(s) for activity, deactivation, and performance of Cu-zeolites for NH3-SCR, including the effects of SOx and hydrothermal aging, based on atomistic first principles data, applicable for commercial exhaust systems.