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The Colloquium will take place in Turin, Italy, at the Albertina Artistic Academy, November 18th

Spectroscopies have been used for decades to investigate the structure of surface sites and adsorbed intermediates on heterogeneous catalysts. Often a multitechnique approach is needed to obtain a consistent description of active sites, spectators and reaction mechanisms.

This scientific meeting is organized within the frame of NIS Centre and the H2020-ITN project CHASS ‘Cu-CHA zeolite-based catalysts for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx in exhaust diesel gas: addressing the issue of Sulfur Stability’, coordinated by the Department of Chemistry of University of Torino, with the participation of Chalmers University of Technology and Umicore company.

Following the well-established format of NIS Colloquium, the more recent advances in the field of spectroscopy applied to heterogeneous catalysts (in situ and operando conditions) are discussed in an informal atmosphere, where large space is given for discussion.

Participation is limited up to 70 participants. Registration is required.

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Organizers: Reza Abasabadi, Vasco António Correia Saltão and Chiara Nannuzzi.

Download the agenda of the event !